Sofa Kim Relax  by DITRE ITALIA

Sofa Kim Relax by DITRE ITALIA

The Kim Sofa of DITRE ITALIA is the bearer of a new concept, namely that of understanding the sofa as a real system.
For the first time we can say that we can also design with upholstered furniture through complex library games that make this solution adaptable to any domestic environment.
With the Kim sofa the upholstery and the bookcase become a unique amalgam, giving rise to a new topic devoted to relaxation.
But this sofa is not only a system product, but also a design sofa with extremely refined and elegant shapes that can contextualize it even in more plastered environments or that require a certain elegance.
Here at Format Kim is presented with a width of 320 cm with Chaise Longue, but we believe the real strength is the fabric in which it is depicted or a dark green velvet able to enhance Kim in a really decisive way.
Dimensions: L320 P108 H83 cm